Playing sports and living together actively within a developing social network, is an approach many people use to try to achieve a sound and satisfying life.
People with experience of mental health problems are often excluded from these aspects of life, because of the restrictions of their illness.
Our aim and guiding principle is to enhance social participation, apart from medical and professional rehabilitation, through sport and other leisure activities.
It is the joint concern of all persons involved to improve the circumstances of life for people with experience of mental health problems through the means of sport and an active way of living.

Purpose of the working group:

The working group intends to form an association of European rehabilitation projects for People with experience of mental health problems using sports and leisure activities as the underlying method.

The following objectives are pursued:

  • The unrestricted access to sports and leisure facilities shall be embodied as a fundamental human right of people with experience of mental health problems, and relevant activities shall be offered and promoted.
  • The role of sports and social encounters as a therapeutic and preventative measure shall be supported, the appropriate evaluation studies shall be conducted, and an awareness of the value of this approach shall be promoted.
  • Sport and leisure activities shall be increasingly incorporated into the process of rehabilitation and integration for people with experience of mental health problems, to complement the more traditional approaches.

These objectives shall be achieved through the following measures:

  • Promotion of international exchange
  • Coordination of common events and establishment of a contact service
  • Establishment of an international body for sports projects
  • Providing client contacts and exchange beyond frontiers
  • Continuous exchange of information on the activities of associated projects and countries beyond national frontiers.
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