15. E.A.S.I. Cup Prag 2019

Lubomir Dolobac

some words from his Friend Jan Drobny (Honza)

It is very sad news but Lubo has recently died.
We will always remember Lubo as great friend, fantastic person, brilient football player, man who always had smile on his face and optimism in heart.
Lubo was one of the important initiator and founder of EASI idea.
Rest in peace Lubo.
You will be never forgoten.

some words from Günther Skibbe

Hello Lubo,
At the first time, when i meet you im Munich 2002, at Stefan`s Regenbogen Football Tournament.
And you where young in the E.A.S.I. Cup 22 in Pelhrimov, when i saw you Last.
After all the time, after many mettings on the Football Pitch, you will always stay in our mind as a man, who was enhusastic in Sport und mental health, a Transformer of important ideas in supporting people who are suffering in mental health.
We was not able to talk together, slovakia and german speech, and without any translater ist was difficulty.
But our common Aim in E.A.S.I. we could live with Football, this was our common speech.
Now you died very young, we will never come together again with Football, but you will be in our heart a live time.
Rest in Peace
Günther Skibbe

some words from Stefan Holzer

Remembering Lubo
Looking back on all those years of organizing and hosting the Regenbogen-Cup in Munich one of my favourite memorys is this team form Michalovce in the very eastern corner of Slovakia which always drove one and a half days to come to Munich and to play football with us.
I remember them selling cigarettes to refund their costs for fuel.
They always managed to come eventhough they had quite nor financial ressources or support at all, somehow they made it happen.
On the pitch they played a great football and won the whole competition at least once.
And than I remember this skinny man with an always accurate mustache, catchingly friendly eyes and a warm and humble smile beeing the first one to jump off the minivan and hug me to say hello.
He organized his team and led them on the pitch. He was the one who made these trips to Munich possible.
This was Lubomir Dolobac.
I can‘t tell I really knew Lubomir. We didn‘t even have a common language to talk to each other and always needed someone to translate.
But it never needed more than Lubos presence and a look in his face to know that you were facing somebody great and inspiring in his very own way – somebody you really enjoyed to be with.
Unfortunantey since many years Lubo and his team could not come to Munich any more and we lost contact.
Now many years later I heared the sad news that Lubo passed away.
And I realize I missed him jumping off the minivan and hug me, I even missed him makinig me look bad on the footballpitch.
Now I know I will miss him forever. But nontheless I knew only so few about Lubo I feel blessed that I shared some great moments with him.
Wherever you may be now, Lubo, there is somebody in Munich – far away from your home – who will remember you.
You touched some lives here and you left a trace.
Having met you is special to me …
So may you be in peace whereever you may be now.